Thursday, January 19, 2012

Poem - Thoughts Upon Two

Today I have decided to show my softer side and share a love poem with you. I am lucky to say that I finally met the woman I was created to spend eternity with, and she has helped make me a stronger, more complete person. She has pushed me to limits that I never imagined possible within myself, and I have become happier and healthier in the two years that we have been together.

I am counting down the days until July 14, when we will be married and begin the next stage of our journey together through life. I think back upon the person I was before she came along, and I am blessed to have the path of my life intertwined with hers.

I can never thank her enough, nor ever express the love I have for her with words. There is no word to describe the magnitude of affection that I possess. She has been the object of many poems over the two years, and will continue to be for the rest of my life.

I dedicate this poem to my future wife, Nicole Tyler Millard:


Thoughts Upon Two

Two people, together two years
Filled with far too many joyous
Memories the two have shared.
The power of two, it’s symmetrical
Applications evident in so many things.
People adorned with a multitude of twos:
Two eyes, two ears, two arms and legs;
Two hands, two feet, two lungs, two hemispheres.
Small wonder the number two is so vital
To measure as a landmark. Two people
In love, born from two parents, stemming
From two chromosomes; a joining of
Two families while two hearts beat
Uncontrollably in the presence of each other.
Shall I love her for too long? If it
Be two days I should consider myself lucky
For the two rotations of the Earth we
Shared. If it be two months I should
Deem them the best spent weeks in recent
Memory. If it be two years I should
Consider myself blessed to have known
The joys found in her presence. If it
Should be for two lifetimes that, too,
Would be such a wonderful life to have
Spent, as two people united by love.

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