Sunday, January 29, 2012

Poem - Running With the River

I find that a lot of the poetry I write falls into two categories: love or revolving around a child's perspective in some way. That is the case with tonight's poem, Running With the River. I think it is a fun little poem about taking things to extremes to prove something is wrong, yet also cherishes that childhood energy and innocence we all used to possess.


Running With the River

I splashed into the river today
And darted back on the bank,
I sprinted down the winding path
As the river flowed away.
Caught in a moment of stubborn pride,
Determined to prove my teacher wrong,
I chased the water where I stepped
To step in the same spot twice.

The day goes by but still I try
In vain to find the same spot again.
This river runs way too fast;
Yes, even faster than me.
My clothes are soaked to my body,
Oh my mom will not be pleased
But tomorrow I will try again.
It will not get the best of me.

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