Friday, April 27, 2012

Story - Crisis Averted

This story was written using the prompt: “He was sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper” from Studio 30 Plus. This was an unexpected venture into Science Fiction, but I enjoyed seeing what I could do in under 500 words. I’d love to hear what you think!

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He was sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper, trying to blend in. At first glance he seemed like anyone else you might see sitting in the park. His attire might be a little unusual, but the fashion on this planet is so diverse that it wouldn’t be completely unheard of for someone to wear fuzzy slippers, black slacks, and a yellow rubber raincoat. It was the upside down newspaper that was generating startled stares.

Lufain had come to this planet upon hearing a rumor that the most nefarious villain in the universe, Baron Von Munchausin, was here on Earth. This was likely another diabolical scheme to destroy a galaxy. Lufain had stopped him before, but this time he felt out of sorts. He had forgotten to bring his towel. No proper space traveler left home without one, but he was in such a rush that he forgot his back on Delta IV.

His Evil Tracker 4000 had led Lufain to this park. The Baron was close. He could smell the evil aura in the air. His usually steady hands started to shake. He wasn’t ready for another showdown with the Baron, but he had no choice. This young planet needed to be saved, even if they had no idea of the danger lurking among them.

Lufain glanced over the top of the newspaper and spotted the Baron across the street. He was heading straight toward him. His hands started to shake even more. He reached to his side for his towel, but his hand grasped empty air. He couldn’t face the Baron without it. He knew that now.

He took a deep breath and glanced back over the paper. He could see the red fire burning in the eyes of the Baron as he got closer. It wouldn’t be long now before he was forced into action. He fumbled with the handle of his Oblit-O-Matic and dropped it on the ground. He bent over to pick it up and froze. The Baron was right in front of him, glaring at him with those fiery eyes.

Lufain licked his lips, knowing that this time the Baron would be getting the better of him. He braced himself for the fate. He was outplayed. His career had come to an end.


Lufain opened his eyes to see the crushed remains of Baron Von Munchausin on the sidewalk in front of him. The heel of a child’s shoe had crushed his invertebrate body, putting an end to one of the universe’s most wanted villains. Lufain wondered why he never considered that approach before. He looks around to see if anyone noticed, but everything seems normal. Crisis averted. He leans back on the bench, reading the newspaper upside down and trying to blend in.

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